Monday, November 01, 2004

Why Kerry?

Why indeed? Could it be that I appreciate the honesty he gives me, or is it the comon sense? I'd say common sense. Take for example taxes and jobs, two things vital to every American.

On taxes: How hard should it be to understand that in order to take something out, something has to go in? Or that you can't squeeze blood from a stone? John Kerry understands that yet Bush doesn't. Kerry would raise taxes on only the 1% of the country that earns $200,000 a year, and over. Only then would he think about spending. And his priorities would be the right ones. Bush's irresponsible behavior was to take a surplus, pander to the rich by lowering their taxes, and then raise spending in the first year by up to 13.1%! And of course this spending was not for domestic programs which would be more justifiable, but military and homeland security programs. And which of those programs secured our ports, equiped our fire departments and police? None.

Now Bush talks a good game. He'll lower taxes on the upper crust, and make you feel like you're the one with the windfall. He'll sing you the siren song of "No Child Left Behind", "Clear Skies" and "Clean Forest" and then stick you with the tab, and cut down your trees. (They DO belong to YOU by the way.) He's also great at blaming the other guy and passing the buck.

Kerry wants us to keep our jobs at home, so there would be no more more special breaks for companies that outsource jobs to cheap labor markets abroad. The savings would be used to cut corporate taxes and a tax credit could be created for companies and small businesses that create jobs. Kerry would raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.00 by 2007. Earnings for full-time workers would rise by about $3,800 a year. Bush cares only for what is good for the corporation. His Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors N. Gregory Mankiw said " Outsourcing is just another way of doing international trade... And that's a good thing." Then Bush eliminated overtime pay for 6 million workers. Registered nurses, nursery school teachers, computer operators, restaurant managers all don't get overtime pay.

And with Kerry you get the real deal. Since Bush likes to prattle about Kerry's voting record, look it up. You'll see that he never voted to raise taxes on anyone earning under $140,000 a year. He kept his word. He will keep his word.

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