Friday, November 05, 2004

Slouching Towards the Primrose Path

In her latest column for Son Myung Moon's paper, Ms. Fields seems to get the idea that Bush has actually won the hearts and minds of the nation. Oh really! Which coast is that on Ms Fields? You see, both times it was mainly the electoral vote that Bush won, and while today he may have nominally won the popular vote, he just couldn't bring himself to mention the word "mandate' could he? It's just lucky for you that one half of this nation refuses to be blinded by the lies that the other half believes. It is unfortunate that we lost, but it isn’t because we don’t have values Ms. Fields, it is because the other half is too ignorant to understand when they are being lied and pandered to. It is unfortunate, but this ignorance will take them (and us ) down the Primrose Path to perdition. It will take harsh lessons for people to understand that those same values are really threatened by the very men you think epitomize them. It’s understandable that you can’t make the connection. Look who your boss is.

Europe is surviving very well without us thank you, after all we were just as dependent on foreign oil as they were before the war. They have found other markets, like Russia, Venezuela, certainly Syria and Libya. There are booming markets in Asia for their goods and services. And by the way Bush does have the IQ of a carrot, when it comes to running the country. He messed up the free lunch Clinton gave him.

Hollywood will be just fine, just as when you wish to relieve your humdrum life in Nebraska you’ll have to come to one of the coasts to find refreshment, we will be there to take your money. And while we don’t control all of the media we still own enough of the part that’s heard. And now we have Air America, and Sirius Left, our own “Radio Free Midwests” so to speak. And just like in the days when farms were being sold left and right under Reagan, we will ask you in two years: “Are you better of than you were 6 years ago”?

I found it funny that you should mention Internet bloggers. It sounded a whole lot like when Cheney swore by FactCheck.COM (.ORG anyway). Just as it was FactCheck that exposed the VP’s inaccuracy as to meeting John Edwards, so it pulled down his pants whenever he spoke of John Kerry being as weak on defense and intelligence as he himself was when he was Secretary of Defense. The same applies with all the other Internet outlets you so praise. Bloggers, and FactCheck did expose the dishonesty of the Swiftboat Veterans and any number of other distortions that any candidate might proffer. And that was long before any chain of evidence problems Dan Rather had with ANG. As for the pollsters, they were all over the place!

You see then problem is that in the end it is a “culture war” Ms. Fields, only you don’t want to see it! You don’t want to see that we really do have all the same values as Barak Obama said we have. You don’t see the discrepancy between the motives of those in power and the pablum they feed the dull masses. And in two or four years when they are disillusioned they will see how “easily led” they really were.

Yes there is a war, a war between those who are aware, and those who are not, between those who question, and those who do not, between those who think and feel, and those who only feel. And we have to resist, stick our boots in the ground and stop you, from leading us down the Primrose Path to Hell.

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