Monday, November 01, 2004

The Two-Faced President

America think. You are allowing yourself to be bamboozled by a Pied Piper who has nothing more on his mind or in his heart than his own overblown and self-important ends of greed. He cares nothing for you though he fills you with visions of Jesus, Mom and apple pie. Everything he has done, was only for the benefit of his friends, the kind of friends he hopes he can count on to return him to power.

George W. Bush is not your friend. He will do things for his rich friends and fool you into thinking he did it for you, by using such broad phrases like "cut taxes" or "raise taxes" or "they hate us because we are free". Yet the devil is in the details, and he doesn't want you to see the details. He freed you from higher taxes - if you make more than $200,000 a year! Unemployment is down 7 points - if you don't stop to think of how many people gave up searching for work! He'll tell you the economy is thriving - if you ignore the loss of 1.6 million jobs! He'll warn you not to let the "government control your health care" - and hope you're not looking as health care costs go up, (50%) and median family income goes down ( by $1,535). He says that we will "leave no child behind" yet leaves every state behind by unfunded mandates and how will they pay? By sticking you - with the taxes!

Healthcare premiums are increased by $2630 per family! Five million citizens are without insurance. Four million of us are poor.

The spoiled brat in him allows him to spend like a sailor on pet projects, yet the politician in him will not let him raise the revenues for his profligacy. Hence a $422 billion deficit, and a recession!

He tells you he is a religious man yet he callously rolls back important programs. He cares for "Clear Skies" and Clean Forests", all the while poisoning the air and cutting down forests.

The world sees the duplicity of this man, and will not give him the time of day. He promised to seek the assistance of the world when he prattled on about WMDs in Iraq. He stood before the Senate and asked them for war powers. the Senate agreed on the condition that he will allow inspectors to prove or disprove the existence of WMDs in Iraq. He promised. Then he broke all of his promises.

He claimed to lead a great "Coalition of The Willing" which was nothing more than a gaggle of bribed and bullied military midgets that forced us to bear 90% of the cost and effort.

He calls himself the "Compassionate Conservative", and thinks of himself as religious, yet he allows such blots on humanity, stains on our good name such as "Camp X-Ray" at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

He calls himself the "War President" and "Commander-In-Chief"! We sent our boys in there undermanned, ill equiped and unprepared for the kind of war they would end up fighting. All other tactical developments that came are a direct result of this state of affairs. Now, in the midst of an insurgency there are not enough troops to maintain control over the whole country, terrorists feel free to gather in Iraq. Al-Qaeda has established itself in Iraq. Terrorists kidnap and execute hostages at will. And now, thanks to Bush's negligence they may have access to 400 tons of HMX, RDX and PETN, high explosives, a pound of which could blow up an airplane!

And you call this "fighting terrorism"? And you think Bush will handle security better than Kerry, who at least went to a war?

One thousand of your sons have died, four thousand were wounded some permanently injured. One hundred thousand innocent Iraq men women and children died this year, while this man who has a "special relationship with Jesus" turns a blind eye to this. It doesn't agree with his thinking. And what he is not comfortable with, he will ignore. He is not comfortable with YOU! He will ignore you!

America you are like an ostrich! Like Bush when something discomforts you, you stick your head in sands full of things only you want to hear. "Defense of Marriage", anti-abortion, "faith based charities". He fills your head and blinds you eyes with pipe dreams, while he picks your pockets, kills your sons, and drags your country's reputation through the mud.
Wake up America! take back what is rightfully yours and throw George W. Bush out! Only then will justice return to the world, and peace and prosperity return to our home!


the urban fox said...

"They hate us because we're free" - yup, that's a personal favourite Bush-ism of mine. Totally meaningless.

It's great to read a perspective on the American opposition to Bush. My blog is similarly opposed but from a foreigner's viewpoint.

Hillary 2008, anyone?

Whazdat! said...

America, this is what you voted for:

Men in power who consider your son's and daughter's life expendable.
Tax cuts for people who don't need them.
Voted your job away to India, or China
Lack of character in your President
More war and death in Iraq.
You said that 100,000 innocent lives erased in Iraq mean nothing to you.
A cancerous corruption in the government.

And you did it all for Jesus!