Saturday, October 30, 2004

My First Foray; The Brouhaha over Osama

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions consider this: If Osama bin-Laden who is our enemy really wanted John Kerry to win the election would he be stupid enough to endorse him to the very enemy he has sworn to destroy, the very people who have sworn to kill him? Knowing that we hate him, would recommend to us who we want as president? Hardly!

Consider that he has had his greatest successes with George Bush. Bush had him in his grasp and he let him slip away. Thus he has been able to gauge the level of stupidity of Bush and found it inviting. Consider then that bin-Laden is comfortable with Bush. How best in a close election to get the president you want, that being Bush?

Simple, endorse his opponent to the very people who hate you. Reverse psychology. If their hatred and mistrust of you is virulent enough, they will suspect your motives (but with the suspicion that you wanted them to have) and come to the wrong conclusion (the one you wanted them to). Thus Osama could persuade the American people to choose against their own best interests, for what would Osama bin-Laden be without his blessing George W. Bush?

This is a letter I'm spreading around the nation's papers. Feel free to copy.

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