Sunday, October 31, 2004


Pleased to see my first commenter! You must be right about Ingraham, she was (and still is) a loudmouth all her TV career! But I was angry because this wasn't Chubby Cheeked Ralphie's first interview on TV! The week before I saw him being blythely interviewed by Judy Woodruff! And what was the interview about? Nothing that had to with gambilng, Indian Tribes, Jack Abramoff or Mike Scanlon!

I predict that when it comes down to the wire in Florida on Tuesday, we will start shaking all the voter intimidation, rigging and chicanery out and people will want to know what kind of people are capable of this, and start looking into Ralphie's background. So gather ye info on the web boys and girls, because it will soon come out like a ton of potatoes through a rotting floor.

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