Sunday, October 12, 2008

John McCain: Meet Hank Martin - And Morris Dees: Part Five

The pattern is this: You have a clunker to sell, so you distract your mark with the bells and whistles when they want to kick the tires, or look under the hood. And if all else fails, yell "Hey! Look over there!" will work as you cover the grease spot.

But the McCain campaign is ready for Prime Time. It's like an inferior version of "I Love Lucy, only we all get to play Ricky, and McCain has some 'splaining to do!

McCain's story is not unlike those old black and white political satires where the honest idealistic candidate is corrupted by the campaign process, only unlike Spencer Tracy's Grant Mathews in "State of The Union," he hasn't awakened at the last minute to confess his sins in public. Rather, like James Cagney's Hank Martln in "A Lion is in The Streets," he has quit his conscience altogether, perpetrated the most grotesque demagoguery,and allowed the basest race baited mob behavior to occur in his name.

And now McCain's chickens are being counted. They are coming home to roost! All that innuendo and race baiting demagoguery are creating a mob mentality in his "base." And, make no mistake, he was letting it happen. I say thls despite his cosmetic attempt at crowd control yesterday. Review the tape. Did he try to control the crowd on the day they yelled "Terrorist!" or "Traitor!"? No! In fact he was smiling!

The implications this has for the future is disturbing. McCain has attracted the lunatic fringe of the Right. That faction already has many established venues for action. There is the militia movement just under the surface. Extremist groups like White Aryan Resistance, the Klan or the Nazis are undoubtedly hanging around the edges of McCain rallies looking for recruits.

Time to get re-acquainted with Morris Dees,the SPLC and Klan Watch.

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