Friday, December 14, 2007

The Republican Youtube Charade

Republicans Dog and Pony

The Republicans ACTUALLY HELD A YOUTUBE DEBATE! And my dead great great grandmother JUST WON THE BOSTON MARATHON!

The Democrats had the real Youtube Debate. Real people who expressed themselves as individuals, not as robots like the obviously predominantly Republican crowd did. And the converted choir of an audience got the expected pre-programmed answers, except when the candidates tried to out Right Wing each other, or they had to bring someone back into the fold. Only then did sparks fly when the stray touched nerve offered each stalwart the opportunity to burnish his medals with the other guy's forehead.

As to the crowd: With that bunch, well, it's ironic for most Republicans to cry fowl because of a few questions such as General Kerr's or the toy lady's went off script. Most of the questions were asked by Republican faithful and were non-confrontational. Indeed, one ought to suspect that by some secret agreement with Youtube and the GOP, CNN may have screened out most Democrat's questions in favor of those of Republicans. There was the gung-ho gun enthusiast. There were questions about raising taxes and how to control spending, and of course, abortion. Very few questions were on Iraq.

By the way, l think that Grover Norquist whose "Americans For Tax Reform banner was CLEARLY SPELLED OUT on his Youtube post, should be extended the same courteousies by the Democrats as were given to General Kerr. I'm pointing this out, because I DON'T think CNN was trying to ambush the Republicans.

Then our heroes tried to get into their kabuki dance, but not before an opportunity for Giuliani and Romney to beat each other over the head came up.

The question was on illegal aliens and whose "sanctuary" was the most supersanctuariest, Giuliani's NYC or Romney's Massachusetts. Then the dogfight began! First Romney accused Rudy of making New York City a "sanctuary" for illegal aliens. Giuliani responded by parsing the term "sanctuary." Then Rudy accused Mitt of not only running a "sanctuary state," but of keeping a "sanctuary Mansion" as well, on the basis that the landscaping firm Romney hired to work there had a few illegals on the payroll.

On gun control, except for a rather admirably human moment of showing real concern by Duncan Hunter, who winced when the questioner was thrown a rifle, Hollywood-style, most everyone toed the gun lobby line, even Ron Paul. Moreover, when Rudy showed some real cred as a mayor as he stuck up for reasonable psych exams as part of background checks, the crowd booed him! Hunter even had the nerve to throw in Iraq as part of the rationale for gun owner's rights. Is someone bringing their fowling piece to a firefight in Ramadi?

And then there is Grover:

Here was the counterweight to General Kerr that allowed the scared little candidates to scurry into their warm little anti-tax comfort zone.

Most of candidates bragged about how they were the most partisan at least about not raising taxes. Tancredo kissed up to Norquist and even showed us the pat old Grover gave on his back. Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani signed Norquist’s pledge, but surprise, surprise, Thompson and McCain showed that you didn't have to sign any pledge to stay loyal to voodoo economics.

However, the National GOP Loyalty Rally didn't stop there no sir!

Government spending was the next target. The GOP showed its truly dull sheen of bankruptcy when the supposed maverick, John McCain, shocked the populace when he accused S-CHIP, a program meant to help many struggling families educate their children, as contributing to smoking! Factcheck anyone?

Not to be out scrooged this Christmas season, Giuliani was in favor of cutting costs by cutting labor in favor of mechanization.

And while I admire his stand on the war, I most sincerely do not like this slavish devotion to state's rights as exhibited by Ron Paul when said he would cut the Department of Education.

But when Paul deviated from the group by reminding us that we could cut costs by overhauling our failed foreign policy and bringing our troops home from an unnecessary war, McCain, himself a veteran of Vietnam, and therefore a witness to an unnecessary war, replied to this by calling it isolationism.

And the icing on the cake came when Rudy replied to a question on how he would repair the U.S.'s world image, said he would keep on fighting the War on Terrorism, but he would make the distinction between normal Muslims and radicals. As if a stray bullet, killing a toddler could tell the difference. Maybe someone should have voiced this sentiment at Haditha!

Moreover, while McCain deserves credit for criticizing the failed strategy that led us to this fiasco, he fell in line by criticizing a deadline for troop withdrawal.

And so it goes. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. The Democrats had the real people's debate. The Republicans were all hat and no cattle.

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